Who are WormWood Rocks?

WormWood Rocks Urban & Street Art produce urban awareness projects using street art as a vessel to promote, educate and primarily make people think. We are proud to work with some of the very best artistes & designers throughout the world.  Our online shop is dedicated to promoting and showcasing some af the very best work from artist around the globe, we are not a Gallery we are a community and with your support we continue adding a little bit of colour to the world, thank you, you all truly Rock! 

Marketing Campaigns

Sometimes people employ our services for guerilla marketing campaigns, we have been lucky enough to work with some amazing institutes, projects and organisations.

Apparel & Merchandise

All our apparel and merchandise is printed in house to various limited editions from 10 to 1000, which means if your wearing or own a WormWood original, your part of a very select group of individuals, for printing we use the latest state of the art Sublimation Ink.  This means the design is printed within the fabric and not on top, this avoids peeling, cracking and fading therefore giving your product a great look and a long life.

We offer a No Hassles, Full Money Back Guarantee on all our products.


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