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  • Av. República Argentina, 37, 46701 Gandía - Telephone : +34 654 79 46 50

  • Working outside conventional practice and the contemporary art system, Monduber Gallery welcomes a broad audience to an extensive exhibition programme, off-site projects and online exhibitions and collectives. Monduber supports and develops the work of a group of artists who collectively, defy categorisation, practicing an immersion in artistic disciplines such as graffiti and streetart.

  • Founded in 2013 by Javier Baño and Frank Picazo , Monduber Gallery represents some of the most exciting and innovative artists working today including Mr. Chapu, Hemecé, Pich@Avo, Joro, Demia Concept, Cita,The Secret Society of Super Villains, Ser, TMX and Lluneta Holmes. The exhibition program runs across spaces in Gandia and Valencia: Monduber Gallery presents both solo and group exhibitions each year, while we provide a platform for emerging talent and experimental projects for colective enjoyment. Artist, critics, lovers of art and public... Welcome to Monduber Gallery.

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