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Project : Cleaner Coastlines

WormWood Rocks Urban & Street Art promote street art and urban awareness projects, we use street art as a vessel to promote, educate and question the world in which we live in today.

Back in September we created the ‘Weston Whale’ in the hope of raising awareness of the global plastic problem that‘s happening right here on our Beaches and in our Oceans. Since the install we have been amazed with the response from the public, groups and organisations.

One such group is Cleaner Coastlines: Weston and North Somerset plastic-free campaign this facebook group have really picked up the gauntlet and are now spearheading a campaign for a Plastic free coastline. Our latest install ‘Cleaner Coastlines for the future of our children’ is our way of raising awareness for a group who are really making a difference in our community and beyond.

Join the plastic free revolution today! It’s tempting to feel depressed and overwhelmed by the enormity of the battle, but feeling hopeless is not going to change the result. The best and only solution is to get busy and start doing something yourself today to make a ‘Cleaner Coastline for the Future of our Children’.



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